Santa Margherita Ligure is located on the Riviera di Levante of Liguria, in the eastern part of the Portofino Promontory and in the innermost part of the Gulf of Tigullio. The town, which is less than 40 km from Genoa, is surrounded by hills covered with Mediterranean vegetation on which there are villas and gardens overlooking the Costa dei Delfini, which connects the city to Portofino. Similarly to many other municipalities of the Levant, in Santa Margherita it is possible to enjoy seascapes and hills of suggestive beauty, which often meet, giving rise to the Ligurian cliffs. The landscape preserved over the centuries tells the entire history of the city and of an industrious and tenacious community. This aspect can be understood in the meticulous work of terracing the steep lands to intensively exploit the cultivation of the olive tree, but also in the cobbled streets that climb the slopes and in the surviving mills and farmhouses.


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