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Mesocco is a small village  in Italian Grigioni.

The castle dominates the Val Mesolcina, the ruins here are still visible. The distance that divides Mesocco from San Bernardino is relatively short, about 2.3Km by motorway. S. Bernardino is located at the south of the Alps located in the Moesano surrounded by two beautiful valleys: Mesolcina and Calanca.


MESOCCO:                                                    SAN BERNARDINO:
Canton: Grigioni                                          Canton: Grigioni
Region:  Moesa.                                           Region: Moesa, Calanca
Height:  769m                                              Height:   1’608m

Writted by: Gianini Claudio

For information: https://moesano.graubuenden.ch/en


Created by: Matteo Stucchi