The origins date back to the last glaciations of the Quaternary, when at the height of today’s Menaggio a branch of the so-called Abduano glacier that descended from Valtellina and Valchiavenna headed west along the fault that in geology is called the Menaggio line.

Glimpse of the lake Over time, the action of the ice led to an erosion of the mountain sides and a deposit of lateral moraines. With the retreat of the glacier, what remained was a typical glacial “U” valley (today’s Val Menaggio), filled by the waters of Lake Lugano in its western part. Then when the glacial tongues that occupied the Val Cavargna and Val Rezzo melted, the meltwater deposited a large amount of debris downstream which formed two large alluvial fans. The floods of the Cuccio and Rezzo streams thus created a large area of ​​accumulation of clay, sand and minute debris which, in addition to the plant material dragged by the currents, led to the formation of a swamp. Thus it was that, in a progressive manner, the easternmost part of Lake of Lugano first became an appendage of the same, and then formed a part completely separate from the rest of the Ceresio:

Lake Area: 0,72

Depth: 13m

Hight: 276 m

Province: Province of Como

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